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04-23-2013, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by MiscBrah View Post
I know, I'm just venting. I just wish we had a guy like that. I'm sure everyone told Neil not to fight if he doesn't want to etc. He doesn't want to let his team down by getting an instigator and a suspension. But sometimes you just need to ****ing do it. This is the type of situation that people overlook because Neil wouldn't have been selfish, he'd have been selfless he would have taken the heat from the league, management, the media just to stick up for a teammate. That's the kind of guy we need.
Contrary to what other fan bases think, Chris Neil isn't really the kind of guy to go up to Matt Cooke and just start pounding him, sure he took a gloved shot at the end of the game the night Karlsson went down at Cooke, but he didn't "Boyle" him like Carkner would. I think it could get to that point with Neil in the right circumstance, but usually the other combatant is willing and they mutually go, even if it's occasionally a non-fighter. It's why Neil's never been suspended. Matt Carkner would have no hesitation at all, like we've all witnessed multiple times during his tenure here. Neil is sort of an enforcer/pest hybrid so you'll see a lot of variety in the types of players he fights, but he's not crazy like Carkner.

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