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12-30-2003, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Quagmier
I was being pretty conservative, i'm really not sure how much he's gained but every year the player who comes to camp with the most muscle mass gained is Ribeiro, and its mostly leg power. At least over the past 2 years, scott livingston has raved about this kid. . Anyways he seems to have developed, plus considering that hockey players dont do that much body buikding during the season, it's really over a span of 4 months, anyways that wasn't my point. Also consider how much cardio and on ice training these guys do, and remember that they aren't "bodybuilders".

That wasn't my point though
Ribeiro's knocks when he came into the league were that he had too little work ethic, defensive ability speed and strength to play in the nhl. Over the past 3-4 years, Ribeiro has worked really hard (according to livingston not me) at becoming stronger and faster. Plus i never said he was Mike freakin Peca, but don't for a second tell me that his defense hasn't improved tremendously since he came in to the league.

Ribeiro is doing what it takes to become a successful nhler, and he's made a believer out of me. He has improved so much every year since he's been in the nhl so why not believe that the trend will continue?

Ribeiro is by no means our problem and even if the french media have to change their pants every time he tucks the puck under someone's stick, that doesn't mean that you should assume its just bias.
oh but i agree completely mate. Ribeiro has indeed improved his game, but in terms of leg strengthening, im not sure that was the case. and ur right, they are not body builders. and if they were, they'd just be like laraque, sure he's big, he's strong, but imo not such a great hockey player. he still needs to work on some aspects of his physique, but experience will also compensate for his lack of size (yzerman comes to mind). if that's a prelude to the years to come, sooner than later, he'll be a superstar (if he can just stop trying to be so damn fancy all the time...). and in the end, i was in now way insulting ribeiro, i was thinking, from a body builder point of view, that that weight gain was sad. but from an athlete like a hockey player, it's not. because they have a ton of cardio, and genetically speaking, a lot of cardio and body building dont combine well. it's either one or the other. but this becomes a whole different talk. and ur right, if the french media can lay off the kid (which will not happen) he may stop getting the big head...but think of it this way, it's been all saku for such a long time (not really that bad anyway) cuz they didnt have a quebecer to cheer for. now, apparently, we do. so i guess that stands for something from that perspective (there's also theo, which is why he's garnered such popularity. well he is good too...and apparently a sazzy swell kind of guy)

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