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04-23-2013, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsholygrail View Post
I just bring it up when self entitled Clippers fans get too big for their britches. They were gift-wrapped Chris Paul when he was going to be a Laker.

No one is "getting too big for their britches." Ron is actually a Laker fan. I wanted to tell him earlier that there was no need to call out Laker fans. It was only gonna attract hate. Sure enough, there you were.

Also, do you even know the facts? The Lakers re-submitted the deal two days after the trade was blocked. So they had another chance to acquire Paul. It took 6 days after the trade was blocked for the Clippers to get the deal done so there was no "gift wrap" here. You have the best center and the best SG and you are still wishing you had the best PG. now that's real self-entitlement right there.

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