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04-23-2013, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by andersej View Post
Chicago's season in the AHL is over, but as of yet Nicklas Jensen hasn't been recalled - only Frankie Corrado has been recalled by the Canucks AFAIK...

I don't know why they'd leave him in Chicago, but it's still highly unlikely that the Canucks would allow him to go play in the WC as long as the Canucks are still in the playoffs.
Well Corrado Played an awesome game last night, so Jensen is going to have to get his act together. I don't see him getting a callup, so he's gonna have to sit tight.

He wont be goint to the WC either.

Andersen really must have an idiot of an agent. If he had stayed in Carolina he would have had his NHL debut several times over by now. Anaheim has to be the most crowded goaliewise, they have 4 potential NHL starters in their crop.

The Cruel Irony of moving away from Carolina because he felt the competetion was to much, and ends up in the most competitive place of all

Carolina fans are huge questionmarks because of this, they could'ov used him by now

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