Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Canadiens vs Devils - April 23, 2013
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04-23-2013, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
I hate to state the obvious but you can still win games when forwards take games off or have off games. Not so much with your goalie. Price is also the highest paid player on the team. Time to start acting like it. The bottom line is love him or hate him how well he plays will be the determining factor in how far the habs go in the POs. That's a fact.
Goalies don't score goals. If the forwards and defense men don't show up: you lose.

It's expected that a goalie lets in [0,3] goals a night but if the forwards don't score, if the PP looks neutered, if the defense constantly lose battles and get hemmed in.. You're going to lose.

The Price "debate" is unfair because he has a stretch of ~5 awful games and suddenly everyone has something to say about him when players like Bouillon and DD and Gionta and Moen have been bad for nearly the entire season (10x as long as Price) and they get a tenth of the heat.

Bouillon can't clear the crease for his life. If you watch closely on the PK, he's the one shovelling the puck out because he's god awful at winning space for himself. Moen has been a ghost. Gionta kills every breakout with his stupidity and predictability (do the video coaches only give Subban their notes? Someone has got to have talked to Gionta...) and DD has played with our best winger all season and has hamstrung the PP even with his sheltered minutes.

Price having a stretch of bad games is not that big a problem. If he keeps losing till the playoffs I'm still not worried because the team in front of him is to blame. If he loses in the first round then yes, questions should be asked and that's only fair. But 5 games does not undo and entire season and his "average" stats are a reflection of our crazy offensive gameplan which has, evidently, been figured out in recent weeks.

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