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Originally Posted by shaolin_goon
i know it sounds crazy, but im not kidding. but i think there's a couple things that come into play here. it depends on ur body composure. some people can gain size easily and some other weight easily. i went from 140 in january to 160 late september (ok, so it's more than 6 months). i already had a fair built (i worked out before, a few years back, and somehow kept some of my mass, im pretty sure that was due to my decent intake of potassium, which is known to retain muscle mass tissue). i dont have a specific regime, but if i did, id eat like crazy, and it'd be much bigger and heavier (prolly with some fat). ive developed a system with time and it goes something like this: one week i do strength+mass exercises (lots of weight, 4 sets of 8-12 reps) and the other week the same exact exercise but this time to develop endurance (4 sets of 20-25 with half or a bit less of the weight). i kicked the workout in high gear this summer and that's where i gained most of the weight. actually my weight varies between 155-160 (depending on factors such as:water and food intake etc). im 5'10. so the weight is pretty evenly distributed. and to tell u the truth, ive slacked off on my work out, cuz i dont work the legs that much ('cept for the calves) but if i did, i think i could easily add another 5-10 lbs in 6 months. the thing is, this kind of muscle isnt that usefull, it looks good, but it would be counter effective for a sport, because im not very flexible (used to be though) and the muscle is not spread over a big area. another example of body composure is: bruce lee. he was a pretty small guy, but his muscles were huge! but he didnt weight that much (140 i think). i dont know anybody who can achieve this kind of definition. every individual is built differently, some people can work out for months and not really achieve anything, while some will work out for like 2 months and get ripped. it depends on the genetics a lot. of course diet is also a main factor, but when u train a lot, u can virtually eat anything because of a high metabolism (which is the secret to staying thin). my point is, Ribeiro could certainly gain more weight than that (btw, he's 6'0 tall) he could prolly get closer to 190-200 lbs, which would be ideal for a guy his size (he wouldnt get pushed off the puck so easily). gaining weight is not that difficult, getting usefull weight is another thing...
From what I learnt from playing AAA football and from a step father who owned a gym(so i am no expert, but relaying info) The way you do it is terribly flawed. Stoping and changing a regime hurts you more then helps. The way your body builds muscle mass is by giving i strentgh. The reason you can go from 55 pounds of muscle curls and then 2 weeks later go to 60 after doing it everyday is because your body has gotten used to making the adjustment of the strength. What I mean is that the body muscle is so used to it, because you have been doing it forever that the muscle has grown. It's like doing anything, after time you realize how to do it and it gets done, same thing, the body slowly builds the mass then you need to use more weight. If you switch a routine, your body never get used to it, it can't go from one day using 55 pounds then the next 65, because once you go back down to 55, your body has already pushed itself to 65, that it becomes a waste, but hasn't worked up to being able to handle 65 on a normal basis. My explanation is horrible, but I can't think of how to say it really, you need to keep a routine and stick too it. The thing that surprised me the most as it is much easier to build leg muscle mass compared to upperbody. When I started training I was doing 200 on my claves, now I can do it 1 years later easily 450(specific machine), then after my knee injury i was doing some good #s for my hams and quads. Anyways, just not sure if what you said is possible, but if it's true, then you are one lucky person.

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