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04-23-2013, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
I don't even know why this is a debate.

Who on the Leafs has 1) substantial playoff experience, 2) played a big role during a playoff run and 3) can lead based on playoff experience. Who brings that veteran presence on the Leafs?

A lot of the guys who have experienced the playoffs on their team 1) haven't experienced them recently and 2) were young guys on the team who were most likely following other guys instead of leading them.

Guys like Gionta, Moen, Ryder, Markov and Gorges know a lot more, and have experienced a lot more, i.e., their experience has weight. Heck, even Subban probably has more relevant experience.

Whether that actually helps the Habs or not remains to be seen. I suspect it's more useful as you progress through the rounds rather than in facing a new, young and hungry team in the 1st round.
Pleky? Prust? Boullion? (say what you want, he has experience)

I also do think though that this experience thing is being overrated. The leafs have a great coach who's won a cup (with moen) and their players will not suddenly break down cuz it's the playoffs. Youth can sometimes produce exuberance and as long as you have a few guys (which they do), it can work out. As for goaltending: crapshoot. So so so mental and while an experienced goalie could be argued to be the better one, look at quick, holtby, smith, Howard, Crawford to name a few. You get hot, you get hot and right now Reimer is.

That said, I think he's pretty fragile and not a very good goalie to begin with. If Price just comes back to his average self, we're good. If he plays like he did last year, we're golden.

This week will be huge for both of them.

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