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04-23-2013, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by bdawg1989 View Post
Playoff experience is SO overrated...
You think finally Gionta will stop sucking and stop doing the same useless slap shot when entering the zone because it's the playoffs ??? Lol come on guys. You think Kadri will somehow start to Play horribly because he has no playoff experience ???
Overrated? Perhaps. That doesn't mean it isn't important though.
It's not about Gionta turning into Sydney Crosby and Kadri turning into Ben Maxwell.

It's about being prepared mentally, it's about helping your less experienced teammates stay levelheaded if you give up leads or lose games, it's also about elevating your game to a new level and by new level I mean fighting for pucks harder, crashing the net harder, accepting a couple more crosschecks in front of the net, being more disciplined, paying way more attention to details in coverage, no time for laziness and sloppy backchecks, sacrificing your body at every opportunity in order to get the puck out or dive in front of a shot, mentoring your less experienced teammates throughout this process and making them understand the important of every little detail, etc..

There's a reason why they say the regular season and the playoffs are two entirely different things. That's not cliché. It's not even comparable. The term ''PO performer'' didn't just come out of thin air.

Experience isn't everything. It's not because you have less of it that you will lose. But it definitely is an advantage.

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