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04-23-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Lmao, learn humility? Why should anyone be humbled by him? Are you serious? And why does anyone here have to like him? I could care less, though, I wasn't a fan, but how should anyone have been humbled by their run last season? So he took a team with some great players and a hall of game goalie to the Finals. Good or him, doesn't mean anyone here should have gained anything when it comes to him.

And the Devils just went on a losing streak they haven't seen since Marty's rookie season, that's news, and this is a discussion forum, sub-heading "news around the NHL." It's gonna be talked about, especially with the coaching situation.


yes, i'm talking about humility. let me remind you that a certain poster was on here every day during pete's last season goading folks like me by calling pete a "junior coach". no credible foundation for the insults, just a fan spewing hate. the following summer, one of the smartest people in the game snaps pete up to coach. hmm. really? then, deboer coaches his new team to the final in his first year. maybe at that point you say to yourself "ok, so i was wrong, the guy's not a junior coach".

that's what i'm talking about. pretty simple and straight forward. i'm not getting into any of the rest of this with you.

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