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04-23-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
I don't see how keeping your head up even plays in that scenario. Plays puck along boards facing the boards, "turns around" gets smashed in the head.

Who's going to have eyes in the back of their skull?

People are playing this off too easily as a good hit.

It was preditory and head was POC. Needless to say, he wasn't hurt and him taking a bit of blame won't hurt since he wasn't hurt on the play.
The head wasn't the POC, or Despres would have been out. Despres watched the puck for a good second before putting his head up to toss the puck around the boards. You GOTTA know someone is coming a la Colby Armstrong, and to be honest, one of his teammates should probably have let him know Neil was gunning for him. Predatory hit, for sure, but it was a beauty of a hit. If Kunitz had hit someone like that, people would have spammed a gif of it for a good 30 posts. I hate Neil, but it was a nice hit. Kept his elbows own, and skates on the ice. I've got no problem with it.

Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
I think the Penguins, from top-to-bottom (specifically Bylsma and Despres) have handled it right, but I agree with you. I felt like it was a predatory hit, and Neil's tongue wag did nothing to dissuade me. I've seen the Penguins penalized for worse. And as Bylsma said, how did we come out with a PK? Adams did nothing 4-minute minor worthy.
Again, I don't have a problem with the hit at all. Neil is a *******, but it's his job to be a ******* and he's very good at it. That being said, the officiating last night was some of the worst I've seen in a very long time. Just utterly confusing calls and missed calls all night long, for both sides.

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