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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
Using hits as an example, I have never seen an official definition disseminated by the NHL. The colloquial definition, that a hit separates a player from the puck, is commonly used among fans but I can't find it anywhere in the league's communications. Without an official definition or a reference guide, it's impossible to know precisely how the league defines a "check" and "possession" in various instances.

This is why I asked earlier about training. It's one thing to send out a memo to the statisticians and set them free, and another to fly them in for a weekend of training. Are they supervised? Is there quality control? Do they receive video instruction or just a written definition? Who is even in charge of this stuff?
Over time and across leagues a hit has one commonality, initiating legal body contact during play. So a Scott Stevens hit may have been legal at a certain time in NHL history and counted, illegal and not counted at other times.

It is possible to have coincidental hits and incidental contact hits.

Like any other stat, goals, shots on goal, etc. hits will vary wildly from game to game even if the same teams and players are involved. Just a question of how a game plays out.

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