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04-23-2013, 09:43 AM
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When Reebok introduced the new "uniform system" I got a little worried that they were trying to go the soccer route, and introducing something new every year.

When they stripped down alot of the unis (Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Dallas, Colorado, etc...), I got worried that they were trying to go the 'colours' route for a uniform design, as opposed to a flat out, proper design (i.e. Montreal, Boston, Rangers, Detroit). For example, I thought they stripped down the Leafs uniforms to as basic as possible, simple blue and white, with the intention that they could start introducing a new uniform every year, sticking with the blue and white, but with design adjustments every year (like how Euro soccer teams have their colours, but the design is in constant flux).

Thankfully that hasn't happened; and team's have actually been wising up, and introducing proper unfiorms (Toronto, Edmonton, Tampa Bay). Unfortunately, far too many teams still have the generic "RBK Edge Uniform System" template (Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Dallas, Colorado, etc...)

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