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04-23-2013, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Sceva Sct View Post
Best as I figure the following must happen for us to get in:

We would have to win out
Minnesota cannot get a point
Detroit can only get 1 point in their final 3 games

If Columbus beats Dallas on Thursday
Dallas must beat Detroit and get no more than one point in their games against Columbus and San Jose

if Columbus losses to Dallas on Thursday
Columbus can get only a single point between their games against Dallas or Nashville
I love how complicated this is. Basically, if MIN gets one more point it's over right? With the DAL vs. CMB and DET games one of them is guaranteed to finish in front of PHO? If DAL beats both DAL is in, if either one beats DAL they'll be in.

So the bare conditions, as succintly as possible:
1. PHO has to win out.
2. MIN has to lose out in regulation.
3. CMB/DET/DAL have to lose all games not against each other. (depending on point 4 DET or DAL may have wiggle room to lose one of those in OT or SO)
4. DAL has to win at least one of the games against CMB/DET.

I'm probably just repeating you, but I was having a little fun wrapping my head around it.
And it's a little circular, since whichever won is going to end up in 7th can win their other games too so 3 isn't really true.

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