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04-23-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I'm honestly very confused as to who would even be in the market for Bernier at the moment. The playoffs will likely help sort that out, as any goalie that has a bad playoffs could be considered for replacement unless it's someone like Lundqvist.

The usual suspects seem to have elected to give other goalies a test run, such as Calgary (Berra and maybe Ramo), Tampa Bay (Bishop) and Philly (Mason), so they'll be out of the running until they've decided if those guys can handle the load or not. Toronto also seems infatuated with bringing in a veteran, as Nonis first publicly stated he wanted to add a veteran if he added anyone at all, and then pursued Kipper and Luongo.

New Jersey still seems like a good option, but both Hedberg and Broduer have NTC's, so I'm not sure how NJ would handle that, unless they wanted to waive/bury Hedberg.

I guess the Islanders could be a possibility if Nabokov doesn't resign there and they feel one of their other prospects isn't capable or ready to be a number one yet.

I know another poster (Holden perhaps) mentioned Winnipeg, but I'm not sure they'd abandon Pavalec just yet. He's been inconsistent, but he's great when he's on. Plus I'm not sure Winnipeg has anything we'd want that would also be available, outside of their 1st round pick, but it seems like DL's price exceeds a 1st.

If Buffalo deals Miller, then there could be a market for Bernier, but until he's moved that's a no go.

In the conference, Minnesota could be possible if Backstrom doesn't return, but they also have Harding who likely would be given first shot at the job anyways.

Phoenix could be possible as both Smith and LOLabarbera are UFA's after the season.

Varlamnov isn't doing so hot in COlorado either, but they may give him another season as well.

I just don't see a lot of markets for Bernier right now, but as I said, that could all change with a bad playoff showing, or a team missing the playoffs.

All I ever hear from everyone is Philly and New Jersey. Allot of smoke with the Philly thing but then DL and Lou always seem to be talking about one thing or another so who knows. Me personally, I am with you in that there really isn't a cut and dried for certain type of deal out there.

For Philly they would have to buy out Ditz and then make us an offer that we like while keeping their team where they want it and while it looks good it doesn't look perfect. With NJ they would have to buy out Hedberg which isn't a big deal but not a great one and then take a good look at what they would want to give that we would want to bring back.

They do have a couple of kids who I like but do they want to move them? I think with NJ it comes down to how much of a retooling they actually do. Of course it looks like a perfect situation in having JB tutored for a season by one of the greatest goalies of all time but if the team in front of him isn't good enough to make the playoffs with MB in net what will that do to JB's confidence?

The only thing I had heard that made me think that a deal was going to happen was with New Jersey but that doesn't really mean anything. These things are liquid and don't really become solid until a landmark situation happens (the draft the deadline an injury or a major fail).

JB has been a truly great kid who has given his all and done a great job for the team and DL is a loyal man to the people who give their all as much as possible. Sending JB close to home like he wants will have to be a consideration. Maybe a lesser one but one that I think will come into play when the deal is done.

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