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04-23-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by oilwings View Post
Give me a break. You guys were NOT forced to match. What did you expect? A friendly contract or friendly OS? Then what's the point with an OS?
You don't understand. 'Force' may be a bit strong a term, but ownership knew if both Suter AND Weber walk at the same time, the more casual fanbase this team has managed to build on the past couple of years would most likely dissolve. Casuals only know 3 players (at the time): Suter, Weber, Rinne. To watch two of the three go would have been devastating.

NNC is exactly right about Philly. They could care less about 'real' dollars. The cap hit is all that matters to them. They were able to make an offer sheet that in their mind would keep the Preds from matching due to its tremendous real cost through 2018. But the Preds did match and now they have that poison pill to swallow for a few more years yet until that massive bonus goes away.

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