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04-23-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by IPreferPi View Post
Smitty wasn't the reason for today's loss. Can't keep tossing the Red Wings PP opportunities like candy. Yes, he got beat by Fillpula on the shortside, but other than that, he played good enough to win. I think people are expecting him to be superhuman like last year and fully compensate for inconsistent/borderline brutal defensive play and iffy special teams, not to mention our dismal lack of scoring (9 times we've thrown up donuts on the scoreboard, I think).

Smitty has given up his share of softies and his play doesn't merit a huge extension, but he's far from being the #1 reason why this team could not make the playoffs this year.

Anyways, RIP 2013 Yotes.

If anything I would give a breakdown of having a failing season overall of 40% not beyond their control/ 60% beyond their control.

This team has not given the kind of effort it should have like it did the past 3 seasons but the lack of an owner and a shorter season really did us in more.

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