Thread: Advice: Stick Handling at Home?
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04-23-2013, 10:48 AM
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Yeah, I have one of the Swedish stick handling balls. They are pretty good. Very similar to using a golf ball. Mainly used for developing soft and fast hands as the ball moves faster than a regular puck when stick handling. When I practice I use a combo of the green biscuit and the wood ball on cement or other hard surface. The other smart hockey balls mentioned in this thread are a little heavier to simulate the feel and weight of a puck but won't train quickness as much as a wooden ball. I actually have had no issues with the green biscuit even on rough pavement/asphalt. It slides really well on a number of surfaces. It's even better if you have some roller hockey skates that you can wear while you are practicing (make sure your wheels aren't too soft our they will get wore down very quickly on asphalt).

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