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04-23-2013, 12:02 PM
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Cage problems

Hello again,

I purchased an Easton E700 helmet a few months back and put an Oakley visor on it for ball hockey.

Fast forward a couple months and now I need to put a cage on it for Ice hockey (I like my teeth too much to wear a visor). Anyways, I naturally bought the E700 cage in the same size as my helmet (Medium), however after a long battle with trying to install the cage a problem occurred.

When fully strapped on the chin cup does not rest on my chin. This is obviously a problem and I have tried multiple thing to move my jaw forward in the helmet:

-Various different J clips
-Adjusted helmet sizing
-Tightened cage straps

Anyone else have this problem? Would going down to a small in the cage still fit on my medium helmet? Any recommendations on cages with a smaller profile?

Any suggestions are helpful!

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