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04-23-2013, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
If we were talking right after the playoffs, I'd agree. In fact, I'd suggest we'd have to add to Bernier to get Henrique.

Now though, I'm not as convinced. While I don't think NJ would move him anyways, the sophmore slump hit Henrique hard, and his numbers are down as a result. Granted, losing the sheltering affects of Parise and Kovalchuk for a short time didn't help, but he's not as valueable (price tag wise) as he was last June.

All in all though, it is likely a moot point for NJ, as I can't see them moving him.

Philly just doesn't make any sense to me at the moment. I know it is Philly, where the universe can spin on a dime if Holmgren deems it so, but in order to bring in Bernier, three things have to happen:

1) They'd have to buy out Bryzgalov, as they aren't paying that type of money and cap hit to a guy that's a backup (and they can't send him to the minors as he has a NMC), and they wouldn't bring in Bernier to be the backup either. A compliance buy out is I believe 100% of the contract value, which would be $34.5 million following this season. I can't see even Philly being that silly to spend that amount of money though. If they elected to go for a regular buy out at I believe 66% of his remaining salary, it'd still cost them $22.77 million, and the cap hit would be about (I think) $2.85 million from next year until I believe 2026-2027. Holden can confirm that's correct, but I believe it is and if so, doesn't make much sense for Philly to do.

2) They'd have to give up on Mason as a possible starter. Since they just acquired him 20 days ago and he's been good in his five games with the club so far (2.09 GAA, .931 save percentage), it's doubtful they'd ignore him and acquire Bernier, especially since Mason has a better track record than Bernier, having been a former starter, having playoff experience (albeit limited) and having won the Calder. He had more wins in his rookie season than Bernier has in his entire NHL career so far.

3) Assuming they did the above two, they'd still have to pay the price to get Bernier, which is at a 1st-plus. Considering Philly's pick is slated right now to be eighth overall, I doubt they want to hand over that first to the Kings, meaning they will likely be handing over prospects. Scott Laughton looks nice, but beyond that, what does Philly have that we'd be interested in that's not going to impact their roster? And I can't see DL dealing Bernier for just Laughton.

NJ makes a lot of sense, but their lack of assets and the fact Hedberg and Broduer are on NTC's really complicates things.
We are seeing the same thing as to your first point. Buying out Dytz would be a huge investment and admitting to having made yet another HUGE mistake. I can't see them doing it either. I just really like Read. As to Philly's prospects I really really like Cousins and would happily take him and Laughton plus a highish pick for JB but I doubt DL would.

I think your right about AH's value being lower than it was and that it would positively effect his value in our favor. I am not certain DL would make a deal for a single player that we would have to add to around JB though. I think we are looking to add talent without adding too much salary (who isn't).

AH is going to get a nice contract so that is a consideration too. NJ makes the most sense to me for a trading partner like I have said but its going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out. The NJ deal is the one that seemed to have the most smoke around it but you just never know.

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