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Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
I didn't like Liza at all. She was leading 3 different guys on, and using her average body to try and go further in the game.

Why did so many guys fall under her spell in the house? Was it just because they weren't too many options?
When half the house was in a showmance (Tom/Liza, Alec/Topaz, Emmett/Jillian), it's not hard to see why someone on the outside would gravitate toward the kind of companionship Liza was offering, even if it was a lie.

To be honest I didn't think her strategy was that bad...I've often wondered why more women in the game don't try to take advantage of the guys in the house that way. She was just too aggressive about it and wound up hitching her wagon to the wrong star (Tom).

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