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04-23-2013, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
THe Bryz situation is a curious one. I don't see him winning a Cup in Philly, I never liked him before he got here and thta hasn't changed. In pressure situations, he tends to be (historically) mentally weak and cracks under pressure. The team in front of him tends to play that way, that's what I saw int hte NJ Devils series last year. Holding their sticks too tight ,just waiting for that soft goal to come, and it did.

Ed wants a Cup and he's hitting 80 so he's running short on time. If he thinks there's a better option, he won't hesitate to buy out Bryz and rationalize it.

I'm not a Mason fan, so I don't see him as the answer either. If Mason is their guy, then Bryz has to go. And they can use that $$ for D. They are a CAP mess. Even buying out Briere, which most fans think wil lhappen, won't help.

There was a converstation on the FLyres boards awhile back about Read and hte Flyers CAP situation. With 13 Mill tied to Hartnell , Simmonds and Voracek, and Giroux, B Schenn and Coutiuer needing contracts next year, there was a question as to if the ycould afford Read, given their other salaries and need fora top 2 D. Giroux wil get Perry/Getzlaff money if not more, he'll probably get what Malkin gets, contracts up the same time, 8.5 to 9. That doesn't leave lot left.

That's interesting for certain.

Wow at the idea of Giroux getting over $7.5 in the new CBA era but who knows? If Perry and Getzlaf can get big bucks then why couldn't Giroux? If it were anyone other than Philly I would say that Brytz is there for the duration but like you said, Ed is getting old so ya never know.

If it could work out where we ended up with Read plus I would be a happy fan.

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