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04-23-2013, 12:45 PM
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Ofcourse It's not all Bjork, I was just emphasizing It's a very solid team in all, and if they don't end up winning the whole shebang, ill bite my hat.

I Believe you, but do you have any articles or anything to maybe get a little inside look at what people in Portland think of him and his skillset.

Do you see Portland keeping them all for next season? And do you think Bjork will be promoted to the 1st line next year? Id love for him to become a 50 goal scorer
TSN draftcenter Podcast epidsode 8 is where I heard Travis Green's take.

I'm sure there are better people than me on this site who could weigh in on it, but I just imagine Bjorkstrand will slot up into Rattie's spot on the top line with Petan and Leipsic next year.

With Petan, I could see him hitting 50, especially since he will be the go-to sniper on the team next year.

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