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04-23-2013, 01:12 PM
NHL is rigged
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Originally Posted by oilfan09 View Post
Not sure why people rag on Horcoff all the time...Yes he is not worth the 5.5mil/year but why do you care? Are you paying him? Are we close to cap hit? Answers are No to both questions so just stop with all the hate.
I strongly disagree with this logic. Yes all the fans are paying him. People watching TV are paying him. He gets a chunk of all of that.

The cap hit argument is irrelevant. There's a serious problem with this guy getting the money he is but because you're not at the cliff yet it doesn't matter? Eventually it will be a problem whether it straps us because of future contracts or the fact that some players think they're entitled to more money because of what Horcoff got.

The contract aside now, the guy deserves every bit of hate he gets. He doesn't hit, he doesn't fight, he doesnt score, he doesnt get points. What does he do other than win faceoffs? He is next to ****ing useless, however because our center depth is so bad people think that we need him or something.

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