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Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
My only counter to that would be Pietrangelo. He recorded 53 points in 60 games the same season on a team that scored 272 goals (73 more than the Petes and 10 more than the 2012/13 Greyhounds). Pietrangelo, has proven to be the superior defenseman in the NHL.

Not that I am disagreeing with you about Bogosian being much better developed than Nurse at the same age.
Completely different styles and Pietrangelo still led his team in D-scoring. I get where you're trying to go though.

I'd say a better comparable though would be Eric Gudbranson-lite, to look at a recent early pick.

Nurse has 41 points in 68 games (0.62 per game), was 3rd in D-scoring on his team, and his team scored 262 goals.

Gudbranson had 34 points in 44 games (0.77 per game), was 2nd in D-scoring on his team, and his team scored 245 goals.

However, Gudbranson displayed better offensive skills in both his pre-draft and draft year and was a known leader. Nurse has neither of those and I would argue Gudbranson was meaner at the same age.

Stats aren't everything but what Nurse did points-wise considering the team he played on really isn't that impressive. He's had a pretty similiar draft year, stats-wise, as Griffin Reinhart - both played on great teams that inflated their numbers but really didn't put up amazing numbers. I don't think his play style is similiar to Reinhart's though, just statistical.

I'd say an "ideal upside" comparable would be something like Brent Seabrook who has averaged about 33 points per season in the NHL while playing on the top pairing.

EDIT: Main point I'm trying to make - I like Nurse, and young d-men are completely unpredictable, but based on what he has done so far, I would not expect him to be a major offensive contributor in the NHL. Guys like Gudbranson, Hickey, Alzner all posted better numbers than Nurse in junior and have slotted in primarily as shutdown d-men. Guys like Seabrook have posted similiar numbers as well and outside of one season he has averaged just over 30 points per season.

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