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04-23-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by dasivon View Post
Stauffer yesterday talked on his show about hiring another Asst Coach.

His comments seemed somewhat telling.

"They need a third guy and will get someone with Asst Coach'ing experience. Er... head coaching experience. Someone with North American experience. Someone who has been in the league."

It sounded like Ruff to a T, that they would do the same thing with him that they did with Renney and Krueger. Hire him as an Asst just to have a coach-in-waiting. Again. (Why not just fire the guy then?)

It was just odd, because he caught himself definitely saying they would hire an assistant coach and changed it to coach. Plus Ruff has been on Tencer's show.
Jesus H just ****ing fire the whole staff hire Ruff and let him pick his ******* staff. This organization needs to stop with this I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine mentality. Bucky and Smith have done absolutely nothing since being here. I don't give a **** that you all used to shower together get over it.

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