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04-23-2013, 01:45 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by Beegoalie View Post
A minor hole?? Since when was scoring on this team a minor hole??
Before the trade, we were scoring at a nice clip. Then Cullen got injured and the wheels came off.

Not sure if you've been watching but he's practically saved our season..this team would already be out of the playoffs if not for Pominville giving us scoring depth beyond our first line.
Debatable. As well, Pom was suppose to be our 1st line right wing to take over for Coyle, who wasn't scoring. Who knows what would have happened if we didn't have Pommer. BTW, did we even clinch a playoff spot?

Originally Posted by Beegoalie View Post
The Kobasew trade was earlier in the season to spark a struggling team..the Pominville move was to bolster us going forward into the playoffs
Still a move to boost a team that was starting to sag and struggle. We had lost what? 2/3? 3/4 before we made the move?

and to give us the weapons up front to compete with every other team in the West that was loading up for a run.
IIRC, there wasn't a ton of moves in the West but the East actually. Most of the West traded players to the East. I think only St. Louis bolstered their defense.

Also it gives us a heck of a core for next season and potentially after that if we resign him..

I cannot fathom the fact that anyone can even be remotely mad at this trade..for cripes sake. Just bothers me. We've had maybe 5 other players as good as Pominville on the Wild in the HISTORY of this franchise. 2 of them that play for us right now...
Again, it's not that we're mad that we got Pom, it's what we had to pay when this team is still struggling and may not even make the playoffs.

Sorry Fletcher went out and acquired a top tier player. And gave up a couple picks and our FIFTH best prospect and arguably THIRD best goalie prospect to get him..
But our best center prospect (I'm still thinking Granlund will move to wing for a good stretch of his career) and our best goaltending prospect (Kuemper and Gustafsson are unproven). A couple of picks? Those picks are pretty damn high.

I guess we should have tried to stay mediocre forever and not trade anyone to try and win..that way you can have your way Koala
Have you read this thread at all? I'm all for making moves but not knee-jerk reactions, especially in a shorten season. My way? Be patient with the rebuilding process. Before the season, Parise and Suter were seen as building blocks and we weren't a deep team. We're still not a deep team and we cut into that depth.

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