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04-23-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Debilitation View Post
Haha, thanks fellas. Feel free to GT me if you want to join

And thats lame, I snipe the corners too but only cause people let me.

People don't understand how to play hockey... Most replays I've seen in real NHL have been backhand forhand dekes and snipes.

I mean look at the NHL 14 trailer... lol.
I'm on PS3 or else I would send a join request.

People play NHL like they do Madden. All offense (built on speed), no defense, no strategy and anything YOU do to score is cheating/glitching/cheap.

Playing HUT, had a guy tell me "to play like a man" after a 4-0 win. He got outshot 53-11, outhit 14-3 and TOA differential was 5:20ish to 1:40ish. When I asked him how me beating him so thouroughly wasn't "manly", he said because all I did was "pokecheck and hit constantly".

So playing defense is equal to playing like a p**** to most players.

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