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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I don't think so, though. Especially as the Ricketts clan told their papa that one of the reasons to buy the team was that they'd always sell out the stadium regardless of how well the team did, at least allegedly according to some of the stuff that surfaced during the Blagojevich mess, I think they're being caught by a bit of a surprise that the team's not selling out anymore from their pre-purchase expectations.
Yeah, I agree with that but that was just plain dumb to actually expect that. I hope they weren't depending on that for money or anything. They'll always do well on the ticket sales but that doesn't mean the people are actually going to show up. They've made very half hearted attempts at upgrading the food/drink selection, fan contests, atmosphere, etc. I guess that speaks to your point that maybe they really believed that stuff but there are some things they could be doing right now that they just simply aren't doing. They are letting the thing rot, so I guess that speaks to my point about them not caring and understanding. We really don't know what they are thinking but yeah, they aren't reacting to anything.

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