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Originally Posted by mobileusa View Post
I have been a Bruins fan since I was 10. I happen to live in Mobile, Alabama. While everyone was saying Roll Tide, I was saying Go Bruins! I am alot older now and I still and will always say Go Bruins!
I was in tears when the Bruins won the cup in 2011. I was also in tears learning about the recent tragic event.
I was talking to my mailman one day and he told me he was going to run the great Boston Marathon. He was doubtful he could finish but I told him, "I know you, Victor, you can do it!" He smiled and left. I found out later he was at the race. He finished the race 45 minutes before the bombing. His daughter and wife were at the exact spot of the second bomb. If he was 45 minutes slower, it would have been tragic.
I love Victor as a good man, an inspirational man, and a great smile.
I decided to welcome him back to work on Monday in a way he would never forget. I emailed all the local stations, newpapers, and radio. What a response! We printed Boston Strong stickers and ribbons for every mailbox in the neighborhood and welcome signs in the entrance.

Here is one of the reports:

I personally want to say thank you Bostonians. You all have been an inspiration to us down here in Mobile. We will continue to pray for everyone involved. From the bottom of my heart, and the City of Mobile, thank you and stay Boston Strong!
Wow. That really is a thoughtful way to welcome your friend and extend support this way. Its nice to hear from a member of Bruins Nation in Mobile. Thanks for spreading good cheer!

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