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Originally Posted by H2ODP View Post
I can see the arguments both ways in regards to Neil's fight class, in reality he's probably somewhere between a middle and heavy. What you say is mostly true but doesn't mention the fact that Orpik was also running around all game with extra slashs and Neil was simply calling him out. Nothing wrong here. Present day Chris Neil reminds me of the latter stages of Tie Domi's career, both begun turning down fights more often towards the end of their careers, and I think they've earned that right. It's not for a lack of bravery or a cause of fear (Every fan base uses that excuse for rival fighters, it's just annoying and dumb), I think it's just age and also strategic, both knew when to drop and not to drop the gloves.

As for MacIntyre, when he's in the NHL he's the #1 fighter in the league. Neil could possibly force a draw vs Mac if he's fortunate and get a few shots in because he's one of the most intelligent fighters in the league, with a solid chin as well. As for this game, I don't think MacIntyre challenged Neil, it was more of a warning to settle down than an actual challenge. Mac had a chance to just initiate a fight when Orpik/Neil were tangled and he just separated the two. It was more of a peacekeeping act. Which sucks for fight fans.
I do agree with most of your post, but i believe McIntyre most likely did a little bit more than break up two fighters due to the fact that he did get a 2 for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct. I'm sure he said something to get that extra 10 while Neil just got 2 for roughing, and hes in the lineup for a reason to protect his players and most likely wants to try and stay in the lineup (which we all know is impossible for him haha). Neil most likely said i want nothing to do with you leave me alone. Reality is no one really knows what was said but judging by the penalty summery, McIntyre's role in that game and Neils "picking his spots" mentality in my opinion Neil declined his offer. Because lets face it, if Orpik and Neil are tied up and someone other than McIntyre comes over and gives Neil a little face wash (which is what McIntyre did) Neils gloves are off and hes pounding away on that individual. But overall who really cares it was a good game, as painful as it is to say this I hope Ottawa still makes it because they showed a lot of heart this year losing all their stars and what not.

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