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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Everyone and their dog had Pitlick as the best pick at #31... he was a faller from a sure 1st rounder but I distinctly remember the conversations after the first round was completed... by media and even some scouts... and they felt Pitlick was the obvious best player left on the board at that point.

You can argue they should have been able to see that Pitlick wasn't going to develop and turn out well... but that's 20-20 hindsight stuff when he was the consensus pick at that point. I have no problem with the Pitlick pick even if he busts.. and it's trending that way but who knows, he could still turn the corner.

Moroz on the other hand... ******** pick that early and everyone and their dog knew it. No excuses on that one.

2010 Marincin/Martindale/Hamilton... the dman is looking good... forwards... not so much. If they get one legit NHL player out of those though... that's probably a success. It's not as if 2nd/3rd rounders are guarantees.

2011 Musil/Perhonen/Ewanyk... still early but Musil looks "safe".. and could be a solid bottom pairing dman... maybe better. Ewanyk and Perhonen... who knows... goalies take forever and defensive forwards obviously can't be judged solely on stat lines. Even if just Musil works out... that's decent.

edit to add... I REALLY wanted the Oilers to pick Kucherov with their 2nd rounder in 2011... they chose to go safe with Musil though and I understand why... but I wanted that elite skill that Kucherov showed. So if it was up to me they'd have yet another small skilled forward and one less stay at home solid dman.

2012 Zharkov/Khaira... obviously way too early to tell. I would definitely have taken Zhairkov there though... in fact I'd have taken him with the Khaira pick so no way I can complain about him even if he busts. Khaira... didn't know enough about him but I think it was a decent long shot bet... looks to have size and skill and once you get into 60+ territory the odds get a lot longer anyway. I don't have a problem with that pick either.
That's really sad when a guy like Scott Hannan floats around year after year for dirt cheap. Cannot be drafting guys because they are safe picks to be bottom pairing d-men. Especially in the 2nd round.

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