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04-23-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
I hate this mentality. Absolutely hate it. It's crap in hockey. That mentality works fine in a sport like baseball, not hockey. Baseball you swing the bat yourself, no help from the teammate in front of you or behind you. You get the extra base hits and rbi's without the help of your teammate when you step into the box. You move yourself up the lineup. Hockey is a much more team oriented game with more variable player styles and roles. Yes there are different role players in baseball but not nearly as evident or many as hockey.

Kreider is not a playmaker. He is a kid who can skate with great speed and has a great shot. He needs players to get him the puck. He is on a 4th line with Powe who hasn't scored a goal or recorded an assist ALL YEAR LONG. Asham has been banged up all year and let's be honest he isn't exactly offensively gifted. It is clearly ignorant and naive to believe if Kreider was performing better he would've have earned a promotion in the lineup. Opposing teams are not stupid. They break down each line of forwards. They look at our fourth line and they zero in on Kreider. He is the only threat. He doesn't have a center like stepan, richards, brassard to get him the puck and/or open space. Of course he isn't scoring goals. Look at some of the goals he scored in the playoffs last year. Look at who was passing him the puck. Stepan on two of them. Anisimov on another one. He was on the ice with richards when he had space to rip one past Marty early in the season. The kid got demoted multiple times and yet he has come back in his last two stints with more jump in his game, more tenacity with a little nastiness. He is backchecking better. He needs better players to play with. He has his flaws. His hockey IQ is not fantastic. But not every player is a complete player. That's why you have 4 other players and a goalie on the ice.
Or, we just disagree and neither of us has to be dumber and more naive than the other. I'm not looking for him to score goals, I'm looking for him to use his speed and size to his advantage, and he's just barely starting to do that on the fourth line. He's faster than almost any skater on either team any given night and he's stronger than most of them, too. I make sure to watch him every time his line is out and I don't see him using those tools consistently, not to score, but to give his team an edge. Hit hard and follow through. Chase pucks quick, be the first man in on the forecheck and make it hell for the opposition. He does those things sometimes, but not with the consistency that he should.

Also, I sense some confirmation bias regarding who he was on the ice with when he scored. He has 3 points in 20 games. 3. For the one time that he sniped that shot Richards fed him, there were multiple shifts that he played with skilled playmakers and made little to no difference, didn't get good chances and certainly didn't get any points.

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