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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
Isn't that the nature of maturity though? It's achieved with age.

I'm not saying there's no exceptions. But generally speaking...

That said, I'm 28. I didn't care much for hockey back in 93. I was pretty young and my father didn't follow the Canadiens.
If there is one thing I've learnt growing up, it is that age does not necessarily correspond with maturity. I've encountered way too many ridiculously immature adults, and I've encountered way too many mature and intelligent kids.

I don't think you mature as you grow older, I think you just gain experience. When we speak about maturity, I'm talking about having a mature attitude; and from my experience, I can assure you there is less correlation between being older and having a mature attitude towards life than most would believe. This is all from my experience, and my own personal opinion, of course.

Originally Posted by gunners14henry View Post
Unfortunately I don't no lol
Damn. I'm not even studying for that exam yet because I just had another two and I'm about to do another tomorrow. Anyways, good luck my friend!

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