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Originally Posted by notloilersfan View Post
That part of scouting is way more important than who is better now.

And I recall that position was a separator, but in no way was it directed towards Edmonton. They released the list a few days before the draft lottery even happened. Central Scouting does not project their rankings based on team needs. Their focus is to provide a ranking of players that all teams can use as a resource to where these scouts believe these players are ranked.

The fact is simple. In 2010 and 2012, there were big choices to make. In 2010 many thought we'd take Seguin, and this summer, many thought we were going after Murray.
Sure, if Hall ran in place and Seguin kept his then spectacular development curve, but it doesn't really work like that. Hall was the better player then, and he's maintained that lead throughout his career as both have developed.

Also, the end of the year CS list is basically a fluff piece. NHL teams use that service early in the year to track some prospects, but by the end of the year they have their own lists and don't worry about what the CS is putting out. So Central Scouting does in fact sit around and speculate on how they would build teams, and what they think teams need in around that selection.

Here's an actual quote from an article talking about it -

In the end E.J McGuire said they chose centre over left wing.

"It basically came down to the old aspect of building your team up the middle. Hall is exciting and he's a game-breaker. He has a lot of flash. He drives to the net and he can finish. But we chose the right shot centre around whom you could build your team," he said.

In an official statement made in conjunction with the list of top North American skaters in a draft which is expected to be dominated by North American players, McGuire put it another way.

"They're equal. But we can't sit on the fence. We went with the right shot centre."
And that was the deciding factor before Hall went on his dominant playoff run.

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