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04-23-2013, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
Scoring isn't his game! Come on man, you can't base your arguments off things that aren't part of his core playing style! You have to think about what he is before you post. He is a fourth liner, and he was a damn fine one last season.

In the playoffs, he killed penalties like a monster, was a hitting machine, was chippy and won his battles. The perfect fourth liner in the playoffs. I just hope he can match that this season. I feel like some people don't have a memory that goes back further than a couple of months.

He is a fourth liner, he isn't being paid to score goals. He is second on the team in hits. He has obviously proven that he can fight. I love how you list a bunch of things that either don't apply to him or are just flat out wrong and you ignore what he has been so good at the past few seasons, except maybe this season, which are the things I mentioned in the post you responded to.

Again, I feel like people want to find excuses to whine and complain, and don't even watch the players they whine about. So frustrating.
All the points you bring to back him up are very, very subjective. He got his job done in the 2010 playoffs, like a whole lot of our players. In 2011, I didn't notice him actually messing with Boston all that much. He played his role. Nothing less.

To say he's a "PLAYOFFS MONSTER OMGZZZ" is definitely pushing it. He played his game in the past. He is not anymore. Obviously I'm not asking him to score goals/points. I'm just asking him to get in dirty areas and provide ENERGY to the players, just like any energy player is supposed to do.

And in what world should his history influence how useful he's going to be in those upcoming playoffs? He has been MIA all year long. He let Prust fight Frazer McLaren with one shoulder. How much more obvious does it have to be for people to accept the fact that he's been a disgrace this season? Really...

And don't come up and tell me "Not all bottom line players have to be crash and bang ala Gabriel Dumont and Ryan White". Don't even try. He got a healthy pay cheque last summer, he got 1.1M more than Jeff Halpern for the very reason that he has the ability to bring a disrupting/physical/gritty element to his game. This year, he forgot to bring that element. He forgot to win any board battle for that matter too.

So yeah. I'm not Armstrong's biggest fan, but if you have to dress a slow player with limited impact on the physicality of a game, limited offensive instincts, might as well bring the one who is popular in the lockerroom and who gets along pretty well with all of his teammates. Because I just can't imagine Moen gets it that easy with his teammates/a lot of the guys think highly of him after the **** he's been putting through all year.

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