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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
"barely NHL caliber" is still NHL caliber to a degree. And when the price of slightly less crappy d-men at the deadline was picks 2+ rounds higher, the fact that we got someone who can play the role of a 7/8 d-man passably well for a handful of games isn't that big a deal.

I'm not saying that Hannan is going to be a linchpin to playoff success or should be getting 10-15 minutes a night or on the PP or anything like that. But look at the alternatives in terms of traded d-men this season:

Davis Driewiske went for a 5th
Robyn Regher was 2 2nds
M-A Bergeron was a 7th and a depth roster player
Jordan Leopold was a 2nd and a cnd'l 5th
Murray fetched the Sharks a 2nd and a conditional 2nd
TJ Brennan was worth a 5th
Ben Lovejoy was a 5th.
Marc Fistric was a 5th
Keaton Ellerby was a 5th

Yes, those guys are for the most part better than Hannan to a reasonable degree. But really, I don't know if that justifies the higher price.

and I'm not saying "it's ok to throw away a 6th". It's not OK to throw it away for nothing. But this isn't nothing. This is several regular season games and some playoff security of having Hannan on the roster. Considering that the chances that a 6th rounder makes it to an NHL career are probably easily less than 10%, I'm ok with gambling that whatever minimal value Hannan provides the Sharks now will be greater than or equal to whatever value the hypothetical 6th round selection they would've made with that pick would provide over the next few seasons.

It's not ideal. I would like a better depth option obviously. But I'm willing to accept whatever Hannan provides given the low price.
just seems like a cover your ass trade.

it looks liek colin white all over again, except hes never really posted even halfway decent numbers. in his entire career.

if they ice hannan with stuart against the kings, i will have lost faith in the staff.

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