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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
That was not my point at all. I responded to a poster who said that the Pens had better prospects and therefore could afford to trade picks for legitimate players who will help the Pens in the playoffs.

It all started with my saying that Murray for a 2nd rounder was a steal.

For what its worth, the Penguins did not get to where they are today because of stockpiling picks. On their roster today, their draft picks are Crosby-2005 1st, Letang-2005 3rd, Malkin-2004 1st, Bennet-2010 1st, Kennedy-2004 4th, Orpik-2000 1st, Despres-2009 1st, Jeffrey-2007 6th, Vitale-2005 7th, Fleury-2003 1st and Bortuzzo-2007 3rd.

Not a 2nd rounder on the roster.

The players who are the driving success of the Pens were acquired from other teams......Kunitz, Dupuis, Neal, Martin, Cooke, Sutter, Niskanen and of course Iginla, Morrow, Jokinen and Murray.

The Canadiens need to emulate the Pens. It will take giving up prospects and picks to get to the level of the Pens.

Edmonton went nowhere with the top pick of "Fail for Nail" Yakupov. Because they love their picks and will not trade for veterans to fill needs........just like Bergevin appears to be doing.
Before Bergevin trades any picks or prospects to "fill needs" he wants to strengthen the team and the prospect pool. The draft and off season hopefully will help that. We also have a lot of young players in Hamilton again next year, we need to get them to NHL level.

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