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04-23-2013, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Or, we just disagree and neither of us has to be dumber and more naive than the other. I'm not looking for him to score goals, I'm looking for him to use his speed and size to his advantage, and he's just barely starting to do that on the fourth line. He's faster than almost any skater on either team any given night and he's stronger than most of them, too. I make sure to watch him every time his line is out and I don't see him using those tools consistently, not to score, but to give his team an edge. Hit hard and follow through. Chase pucks quick, be the first man in on the forecheck and make it hell for the opposition. He does those things sometimes, but not with the consistency that he should.

Also, I sense some confirmation bias regarding who he was on the ice with when he scored. He has 3 points in 20 games. 3. For the one time that he sniped that shot Richards fed him, there were multiple shifts that he played with skilled playmakers and made little to no difference, didn't get good chances and certainly didn't get any points.
I completely agree he played poorly in the beginning of the season. He looked invisible out there, the intensity wasn't there. But I disagree that he isn't skating hard every shift, trying to use his speed. I think in his last two stints he has been skating hard every shift and definitely using his body a lot more. He squandered his opportunity here at the beginning of the season and now it has been a see-saw season for the 21 year old. However, during his last two stints he has been a helluva lot better and I think it is hard for him to get into a groove with the players he is playing with. His game did change from being sent down to the minors multiple times this year. I think because of who he is playing with he doesn't get the opportunity to have more offensive zone time, more offensive opportunities, sprung for more offensive breakouts of their own end. I don't like the expectations on this board. Just because Kreider is a big forward with speed he should play a game more like callahan; a game more to the tune of what Torts wants. You want him to change his player type to fit Tort's system. Sounds a lot like why Gaborik isn't here anymore. Not every player should have to finish their checks with authority. The kid has goal scoring potential, a lot of it. I'd love for him to worry more about putting the puck in the back of the net rather than finishing a check and "following through." We drafted him to be a goal scorer. Not Ryan Callahan. He is not Callahan.

And as much as he struggled in the beginning, so did many other players. Richards has been poor all year. The team was poor much of the year.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
First off, I think you're completely wrong here. Secondly, I sure hope none of our younger players, especially Kreider, possess that warped sense of entitlement.
BRB we all know your word is law here and anyone whoever disagrees is completely wrong. So please, at the very least explain yourself. Not to mention I NEVER said he was entitled to anything. I only suggested that given his improvements in his game from being sent down in the minors, maybe if he was playing with better players his production would be more significant. I forgot that since Crosby can make any player better, that everyone else should be able to do the same right? That Kreider should be fine playing with Powe who has zero points this year because Crosby has made a journeyman such as Dupuis look like a premier offensive talent in this league. Please get off your high horse. I played college sports, played through tears in my body, I worked for every inch because I wasn't some 6'3" physical specimen destined for the MLB even though I played against a plethora of players who are now in the minor leagues. I don't believe in any warped sense of entitlement.

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