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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
If Seattle wants a team, and Katz wants to move there, I guarantee the NHL will allow it. And yeah, put Hall, Eberle, RNH and Yak in any other market and they will sell tickets. The NHL and city can't force Katz to build an arena with his own money
Why would the NHL WANT to move out of a market that loyally supports the chronic worst team in the league and that pays among the highest gates in the league to see its worst product.

Any sensible league would be wetting itself over what dreck this fanbase will line up to support.

A team might end up in Seattle. For that team to be the oilers makes zero sense for the NHL.

If I could add this is Edmonton, It would be unwise to say the least for the league to leave Edmonton and in bad terms (which would certainly be the case)
When Edmonton formerly didn't have an NHL club it, and other canadian cities and representatives were front center in devising/starting a competing league. I would imagine the same thing would happen again, possibly this time with the new league being an actual "world" league. I would line up for tickets to that league and forget about the NHL in a heartbeat.

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