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04-23-2013, 08:25 PM
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It does look like they are moving forward with the idea. Of course does not mean it will ultimately happen but someone wants to at least try.

Want to spend the rest of your life on Mars? You can apply to do so now.

Mars One, a non-profit organization that plans to send humans on a one-way trip to establish a permanent settlement on Mars in 2023, began accepting online applications Monday.

"We are very excited about launching the selection program," said Bas Landorp, co-founder and CEO of the Netherlands-based group, in a statement announcing the start of the selection process. "This is an international mission and it is very important for the project that anyone anywhere can ask themselves: Do I want this? Am I ready for this? If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you."

The program is looking for applicants 18 and older "who are both mature and interesting," but there is no requirement for any particular academic or professional background, as astronauts will spend seven years learning all the skills they need, said a Mars One news release.

Norbert Kraft, Mars One's chief medical officer, said because the mission involves a permanent settlement, the organization is more concerned with "how well each astronaut lives and works with others and their ability to deal with a lifetime of challenges" than whether they have traditional astronaut qualities such as bravery or experience piloting a supersonic jet.

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