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09-09-2006, 02:59 PM
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Again I do have mixed feeling about Price. It really depens how you look at it. He did stop 33 shots while the second coming of god only stopped 18 and this with, it seems, the larger pads while Price is already using the smaller ones. Though it seems Pogge didn't let softies, and made some great saves, while Price did make some good saves, let a couple of softies. Saw some replays about Grabo's goal (real nice) and some goals on Price, especially the top shelf wrist shot, Price was way too deep in his net. Didn't like his positioning at all in this one.

So my biggest problem with his is not him not being fast enough, tall enough, but about not being consistent enough. And obviously I'm not only talking about yesterday, but his U-18 performance as well, the whole season last year and this performance. And so far he does have always the benefit of the doubt, Tri-City and yesterday bigger nets and poor defence.....

I guess I'm, like most of us Habs fans.... , expecting more from him like being a gamebreaker, making the biggest save when needed and unfortunately, if he would've picked 20th, we would'nt have the same discussion. A 5th round pick does deserve that kind of attention and if he's that mentally tough like some said, he'll get over it.

But again, I know it was a big thing, but I can't believe how he reacted when he learned the news about the nets.....And then we hear how frustrated he was in the 3rd period......If this guy makes it or not, it would definately be more of a confidence and mental problem than his athletic abilities......

Personally, I am questioning his mental abilities but time will tell. I believe he's still at least 2 if not 3 years away from the Bigs....

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