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04-23-2013, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mercalius View Post
If we're on the outside looking in at MacKinnon, I throw everything I could (within reason) to walk away with him. I follow the NFL draft pretty heavily, and I'm looking at it from this perspective:

1.) He's ridiculously productive. Leaf fans were clamoring a year ago to tank for him, and he's done nothing to hurt his draft stock since then. The elite talent is there, the consistent production is there, and he's about as pro-ready as they come.

2.) He fills an immediate need. He may need some developmental time, but it's not a huge stretch to assume he'd be ready to play day one. Thus, we'd be getting a very quick return on our investment.

3.) We realistically won't be looking at touching another player of his caliber for a long time. He's an elite talent, and I think most people who are honest realize this was a season of anomalies. Injuries, shortened season, consistent players being inconsistent - etc. It's very likely we return to form (or at least closer to form) next season than it is to assume we'll be picking in the top 5 for two years in a row. As such, even having to trade a first next year to ensure landing him wouldn't be too big of a blow.

4.) It immediately sets us up for the future. With acquiring Forsberg, and ideally MacKinnon, you've loaded the cupboard for the immediate future and bettered both elite prospects by allowing them to come up together. A healthy Wilson mixed with those two could give us something we've dreamed about for years now.

Now, I'm not saying that Drouin, Lindholm, and Barkov aren't amazing prospects as well, but if MacKinnon develops into what he's projected to be, I don't think 2-3 years from now we'd sweat at all giving away a 2014 1st rounder or a few of our own players. An acquisition like that, mixed with landing Filip, plus the rest of the team righting the ship could take this franchise to places it's never been before.
Prospects are prospects. Since when does Filip Forseberg instantly become a sure-fire elite talent that will take us places we've never been before?

I guess I've been on the other side of getting overly exicted for prospects. I used to frequently check in on guys like Scottie Upshall, Adam Hall, and Denis Arkhipov on nearly a weekly basis. I followed Legwand closely after being drafted, only to see his production dramatically drop his 2nd yr in juniors.

We put millions of dollars into scouting as done every team, and they usually don't get it right. So for us fans-- reading internet scouting reports written by whomever, watching 2-minute youtube highlight videos... it can be entertaining at times, but it's a total crap shoot for us to figure it out.

As for everyone saying this year is anomaly and we probably will be back into the playoffs. I disagree. There's a chance, for sure. But we've taken a huge step back as a organization-- for one 2 of our top 5 players are gone. For two, there's been a whole ****storm involving many aspects of our organization. And now we are proposing two 18/19 year olds to change things in one year? I realize we've had some injuries, but we weren't good before Mike Fisher and others went down. It's FAR from a given that we will be back in the playoffs next year.

Back to prospects, I'm just over the hype. I'm happy to be picking early as it hopefully is an indicator that we'll get a good player. But it'll happen when it happens if it ever happens. I'm nice to see someone like Wilson start to put things together. Hopefully it'll happen for others in our system. Until then, it's just a guessing game.

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