Thread: Speculation: Who should we draft?
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04-23-2013, 09:27 PM
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You have to draft your future sometime. MacKinnon is borderline pro-ready. No, he won't likely set the world on fire the second he gets to Nashville, and we're already learning to temper our expectations with Forsberg - but...when do you pull the trigger, if ever, if a player's age and immediate contribution are the outliers in determining one prospect's value over another? That's a silly argument. No one's expecting us to compete for a Cup next season, but writing off next year as being as bad as this one is of equally rash, largely delusional mindset. By 2014, both of these guys should be ready to go for the next decade.
When did I say I've written off next season and we will be equally as bad? I didn't. I said it's far from a given that we'll be a playoff team, as many people seem to be saying.

In terms of 2014, it too is far from a given that Forsberg and whomever we draft we be ready to set the world on fire. FAAAR from a given.

Personally, I hope we do more than just put our hope in prospects. But I've felt this way many off seasons, and nothing outside of acquiring Sergei Kosisyten has happened for the last 7 years. And now we have less assets and a poor UFA class. So I approach next year with no expectations.

That's fine, but if you're one or two picks away from landing a franchise defining player, you go for it every time. You may not believe Nathan is that guy, and he may well not turn out to be, but he's as highly regarded as they come outside of generational talents, immediately gives us a blue-chip prospect in a dire area of need, and the pieces forfeited to land him may not be nearly as bad as it could be in other years. I think he's that type of talent. Neither of us will know until a few years from now, but I'd hate to see him dominating in 2015-2028 and trying to justify not spending the 2014 1st round pick it might've taken to acquire him.
I honestly haven't even heard of MacKinnon until last week (through no fault of his). But I agree, if he's a elite player that will lead our franchise for the next decade+, yes you make the move. However, #1) that's a big IF. #2) If teams ahead us feel the same way, they aren't going to trade him unless it's a massive overpayment. The only reason the Sharks traded us the #2 was because they liked Brad Stuart over Legwand. The only reasons someone will trade us a #2 or #3 pick is because 1) They can get their guy later, 2) Massive overpayment, or 3) They feel the talent is similar between someone like MacKinnon and Barkov, etc.

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