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04-23-2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
Like nobody is realistic. Everyone gets way way too low after every lost and marginally too high after each win. Everyone gets overly concerned with bounces and the score and neglects the process. Sometimes you play well and win. Sometimes you play well and lose. Doesn't make the second game any worse than the first. If you won every time you played well there would be no point in playing the game since we know the result. Bringing back the poker analogy it's like getting AA in pre vs KK. Even though you're in much better shape you still only win 80% of the time. Things happen. Sometimes the puck bounces the wrong way. Sometimes you don't get those huge saves out of your goalie. Sometimes the other goalie just plays great. Sometimes you hit a bunch of posts or just miss wide etc..

I try to just be rational and logical after each game regardless of the outcome. As I said before I think in general we played a pretty good game with a few exceptions: Callahan was completely inept at handling the puck, our PK repeatedly was unable to clear the zone, and our PP was typically useless. But for the majority of the remaining ~50 minutes of 5 on 5 we completely dominated the entire game.
It's great that we dominated the game. That domination didn't lead to a score that reflected that.

Playoffs on the line. Lost to THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

A good team locks this down. Good teams win the games they need to.

The Rangers should ask the Islanders for tips.

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