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04-23-2013, 11:54 PM
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Bomber's Mother - I don't care if they kill my son. They killed my other son and I don't care. They will kill me, ok? Alluhah Ackbar!!!

Golly, how could they have become bombers? Just cant put my finger on it. WTF is wrong w/ CNN? "Awww she's grieving, she can't be held responsible for what she's saying, poor woman...." Whaaaat????

Watertown resident took pictures of firefight in Watertown. Has a shot of the two brothers taking cover behind the car, one shooting, bomb at their feet. When he saw them light it, he took cover. Bullet hole through chair in an office in his apartment, right at chest level, and dead center.

I didn't watch much of the coverage while it was happening. Three kids, couldn't do it. Beyond what my wife was telling me when she could, and what I hear through my job, I saw almost none of the national coverage, until the pics were released. Once the pics were released, I was glued here w/ others, listening to a police radio once the MIT incident occurred, typing what I heard, along w/ some others.

The coverage, I'm finding out, was just awful. NBC reported suspect was a dark skinned male? NY post put that poor Arab kid's picture on the front of the paper? Yeah, uh, they're ****ed. MSNBC had talking heads implying it was right wing extremists? Celebrating it was "caucasian males"? What the hell happened to journalism?

Reidy, good call on that murder in Waltham, looks like they're re-opening the case, or at least taking another look at it. No longer a cold case.

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