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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
It's not really a matter of being bi-polar (although we really can be sometimes). Historically, the Rangers are awful against..well, everyone. 9 out of 10 wins are described as "somehow finding a way" and "grinding it out, hoping for that lucky bounce."

If there is a rookie forward/defenseman/goaltender playing in their first NHL game or have less than a dozen NHL games experience, they are almost 100% guaranteed to have a monster game against us. Goaltender is almost assured a shutout. Skaters almost assured a goal; at the very least a point.

In important games, our biggest players play almost as if they refused to play that night and proceed to just sort of be there physically, but not mentally.

The Rangers playoff hopes possibly coming down to the last game of the season is also nothing new, so chances are you guys will get your revenge come Saturday.
Devils are so similar, it's not even funny. Back-up goalie? shutout. NHL player without a goal? he'll score on Marty for sure. Both teams play down or up to the level of their opponent.. frustrating when you play bad teams but awesome when you play top teams. Heck, your game tonight was practically the story of our season.

That'd be fun if it came down to the last game. Would be a good one to watch because I think the whacking you guys gave us the other day would inspire the guys to play better this time around without much pressure. You guys would have the season on the line as well so would expect Lundqvist et al to be at the top of their games. Wish the game was at the Rock so we could return that nice chant you guys had going on if such a situation arose

On topic though- you guys would destroy the Canadians. 7th is the spot to be right now. Washington is too hot at 3 and Pittsburgh is certainly beatable.. but I'd much rather be 7th and go into a series with them with some momentum first. Montreal or Boston are both struggling big time..

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