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04-24-2013, 02:35 AM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
Please, spare me. It should've been 3 goals (not counting the empty net), possibly more. Lundqvist bailed them out, just as he has bailed them out time and time and time again. It is a constant defense of Tortorella here with you two, especially Kel. He can do no wrong. Pull up the stats all you want, if you put a Dan Ellis in net those numbers are significantly higher. Watch the damn game please. The Rangers get pinned in their own end so often. The majority of times it is because their wingers are way too loose on the point men. The puck constantly gets cycled around the end boards and they constantly are chasing it. How many times has Nash gone down to block a shot this year? How about Powe, other than tonight where he finally went down and sacrificed the body. Or Pyatt? These guys are not Fedotenko, Prust, Mitchell, and Dubinsky. New players came in who don't play that shot blocking game and Torts never adjusted to them. The constant pinning in their own end has them struggling to transition to offense and breaking out of the zone.

I did say Torts was not the only one to blame tonight. Nash and Richards are the other culprits. It was Nash's turnover that led to the 1st goal. As usual trying to do too much with the puck and turning it over, rather than using his 4 teammates on the ice. It was Richards dumb penalty when he had Stralman back that led to the PP goal. It was Richards and Nash who did nothing on the PP tonight. They weren't even getting shots.

So I blame both sides of it. But to be that naive and not see what has been going on all year with their defensive strategy is unfortunate. And to bring up the GAA just hides the inadequacies. Henrik is a dominating factor in the GAA, not Torts' system, at least not this year.
Spot on. Great post and I agree with all of it. If we really did have Dan Ellis in place, Torts would have been Fired a long time ago. He needs to adjust his system when half of the forward corps leave and new guys come in. Not enough guys are committed in the defensive end. I really don't like Nash in the defensive zone. He tries to do way to much, his slides don't work, and he doesn't lead by example like say a Callahan, or Fedotenko. If he learns how to stop being a hero, he would be so much more effective. They need to come together and bond as a group, hopefully Tortorella realizes that and let's them come together through losses and wins equally. Hopefully we win the last 2 games and go into the playoffs on a hot streak.

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