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04-24-2013, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Forever View Post
Yeah I'm a bit confused by it too. Two college signings just because? Or is there a big trade in the works? Probably the former.
I think this off season we will see some house cleaning ofm prospects who are not developing like the oilers want and some players off of out current nhl roster will be let go

current rostered player who I think will either not be offered a contract or will be moved for next to nothing

Fistric (there is an outside chance he could get a new contract if it is for 1mill or less)
Potter will be waiver wire material
Pettreel (I love this guy but I think the oilers will be looking for an upgrade)
Jones (he is a 3rd/4th liner who brings little in the way of grity
Smyth- Oiler may take the hit on either buying him out or trading him to Calgary
Hemsky-- for me, it confuses me why people toss Horcoff under the bus while giving Hemsky a free pass more or less
Belanger just has never fir in with the oilers
Eager--Bought out--there has been more and more hints in the media he may not be the best teammate in the world

wild card is how much money Gagner wants-- if he is asking for the 5million range I think he will be moved and MPS could be dangled--but he has shown signs of being more then he has in the past

I think we will see Lander and Hartikeinen will be looked upon to step it up

On the farm
Horduchcuk seems done
Teubert maybe allowed to walk
Plante days are numbered
I would not be shocked to Camren Abney kicked to the street this off season
there are a few others on the farm I think the oilers will cut ties with-- right now-- drafting outside of the first round for the past 5 years is looking less and less good as some have been saying

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