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04-24-2013, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
Added 2 rookies who just so happen to be two of the top scoring rookies in the NHL, yet our GF is lower than last season. We added Fistric as well, didn't burn out Khabibulin by overplaying him, haven't had any major man games lost to key players unless you consider Horcoff such a player. You say no training camp, I say that he was able to keep in contact with most of our core in OKC in the offseason. There was also a familiarity with the players since he was associate coach here, sorry I'm not buying it.
Both rookies have struggled defensively this year, and Shultz actually has a worse +/- in half a season than any defenseman had in a full schedule last year(not that I put much stock in +/-). Yakupov has started to excel with his carefully managed icetime, but Shultz looks like he's suffering a crisis of confidence after being so heavily relied upon so soon.

RNH(Shoulder) and Eberle(broken hand) were injured most of the year, and suffered significant reductions in production nullifying any bonuses either of the rookie players provided(and even the Hall and Gagner's bumps). That isn't even including the players everyone hates(Hemsky and his foot, Horcoff, Belanger, Jones), or the depth(Lander) that forced us to watch Smyth at center ice because Tambo was allergic to giving up a 7th rounder for a center.

Sutton/Fistric was a lateral move at best, 6/7 defenseman with some toughness who doesn't get into the roster anymore than Sutton did, and isn't an impact player when he's in there either.

Familiarity and keeping touch with players during a lockout, along with a few players playing together in the AHL(where they actually struggled at times), doesn't mean they can learn and play a new system on the fly at the NHL level - especially not a team that has shown the last 2 years that they are prone to abandoning systems play at the first sign of adversity(a theme with this year's team as well).

It's just status quo around here, roster is the same mess it was last year. Whatever gains made by the young players was lost to injuries, declining vets, an identically unbalanced roster, and the petrified inactivity of an idiotic management group, yet the stats you posted show only a slight decline. You don't buy it's not the coach, I don't buy that it really has much of anything to do with the coach. It's not even really a defense of Kreuger, this team isn't good enough to win no matter who is coaching.

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