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04-24-2013, 05:05 AM
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Originally Posted by ugiswrong View Post
After looking at that replay of the first Bruins goal, I feel the need for some crazy laser-based goal review system.

Were that puck swatted a few frames earlier, the video would have been practically inconclusive because the camera isn't at a true 90 degree angle here and the War Room in Toronto doesn't have any applied geometry people there it seems
I always wondered whether it would be possible to put sensors in the a puck-width behind the post and have the puck coated in some kind of something that makes it go off if it touches it.

Basically instead of having the yellow line literally having a sensor installed either under the ice or in the net behind the crossbar that detects some kind of coating on the puck. Maybe use the same technology that they used to use for the glow puck.

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